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Welcome to our Video Gallery! Here you will find many powerful teachings that Pastor Mark and Pastor Kim and the rest of our anointed Pastors have delivered to our wonderfully anointed church family. Each video has a message that was inspired by the Holy Spirit


This page contains vidoes for the year 2018. You may view our prior years' videos in the links above labled Video Gallery 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and now, 2017.


Check back often for new videos or to simply fill up with God’s powerful word!


Each video has a full screen option. Simply click on the box located at the bottom right corner of the video you wish to view in full screen. To exit the full screen mode click on the escape button of your keyboard. (For desktop users only)


01/03/2018 Mid-Week Srvc 01/03/2018 Worship on Wed 01/07/2018 Bilingual Service
01/07/2018 Sunday Service 01/10/2018 Mid-Week Srvc 01/14/2018 Bilingual Service
01/14/2018 Sunday Service 01/17/2018 Mid-Week Srvc 01/17/2018 Worship on Wed
01/21/2018 Sunday Service 01/21/2018 Anniversary Vid 01/24/2018 Mid-Week Srvc
01/24/2018 Worship on Wed 01/28/2018 Bilingual Service 01/28/2018 Sunday Service
01/31/2018 Mid-Week Srvc 02/04/2018 Bilingual Service 02/04/2018 Sunday Service
02/07/2018 Mid-Week Srvc 02/11/2018 Bilingual Service 02/11/2018 Sunday Service
02/14/2018 Mid-Week Srvc 02/18/2018 Bilingual Service 02/18/2018 Sunday Service
02/25/2018 Bilingual Service 02/25/2018 Sunday Service 02/28/2018 Mid-Week Srvc
03/04/2018 Bilingual Service 03/04/2018 Sunday Service 03/07/2018 Mid-Week Srvc
03/11/2018 Sunday Service 03/14/2018 Mid-Week Srvc 08/18/2018 Bilingual Service
08/18/2018 Sunday Service  03/21/2018 Mid-Week Srvc 03-25-2018 Bilingual Service
03-25-2018 Sunday Service 03-28-2018 Mid-Week Srvc 03-30-2018 Good Friday
03-31-2018 Passover Service 04-01-2018 Sunday Service 04-04-2018 Mid-Week Srvc
04-08-2018 Bilingual Srvc 04-08-2018 Sunday Service 04-11-2018 Mid-Week Srvc
04-15-2018 Bilingual Srvc 04-15-2018 Sunday Service 04-18-2018 Mid-Week Srvc
04-22-2018 Bilingual Srvc 04-22-2018 Sunday Service 04-25-2018 Mid-Week Srvc
04-29-2018 Bilingual Srvc 04-29-2018 Sunday Service 05-02-2018 Mid-Week Srvc
05-06-2018 Sunday Service 05-09-2018 Mid-Week Srvc 05-13-2018 Sunday Service
05-20-2018 Bilingual Srvc 05-20-2018 Sunday Service 05-23-2018 Mid-Week Srvc
05-27-2018 Bilingual Service 05-27-2018 Sunday Service 05-30-2018 Mid-Week Srvc
06-03-2018 Sunday Service 06-06-2018 Mid-Week Srvc 06-10-2018 Sunday Service
06-13-2018 Mid-Week Srvc 06-17-2018 Sunday Service 06-20-2018 Mid-Week Srvc
06-24-2018 Sunday Service 06-27-2018 Mid-Week Srvc 07-01-2018 Sunday Service
07-04-2018 Mid-Week Srvc 07-08-2018 Sunday Service 07-11-2018 Mid-Week Srvc 1
07-11-2018 Mid-Week Srvc 2 07-15-2018 Sunday Service 07-28-2018 Mid-Week Srvc
07-22-2018 Sunday Service 07-29-2018 Sunday Service 08-01-2018 Mid-Week Srvc
08-05-2018 Sunday Service 08-08-2018 Mid-Week Srvc 08-12-2018 Sunday Service
08-15-2018 Mid-Week Srvc 08-19-2018 Sunday Service 08-22-2018 Mid-Week Srvc
08-26-2018 Sunday Service 08-29-2018 Mid-Week Srvc 09-02-2018 Sunday Service
09-09-2018 Sunday Service 09-12-2018 Mid-Week Srvc 09-16-2018 Sunday Service
09-19-2018 Mid-Week Srvc1 09-19-2018 Mid-Week Srvc2 09-23-2018 Sunday Service
09-26-2018 Mid-Week Srvc 09-30-2018 Sunday Service 10-03-2018 Mid-Week Srvc
10-07-2018 Sunday Service 10-07-2018 Sunday Service2 10-10-2018 Mid-Week Srvc
10-14-2018 Sunday Service 10-17-2018 Mid-Week Srvc 10-21-2018 Sunday Srvc
10-24-2018 Mid-Week Srvc    

Where to Find Us:

Living Faith Family Worship Church

Mailing Address:

PO BOX 733

Cotulla, TX 78014


Physical Address: 

Grace Acres

651 Guadalupe St.

Cotulla, Tx 78014



Pastoral Contact: 


Pastor Mark Linares

1(830) 322-7277



Pastor Kim Linares

1(830) 322-7288




Personal Invitation...

Kim and I personally invite you to visit with us and our Church Family. As you arrive you will be greeted with love and appreciation because we believe in Gods love for humanity.




  • Bible-base teaching
  • Anointed Praise & Worship
  • Youth Outreach
  • Powerful Women & Men Outreach
  • Ministries for all ages


A strong bible-base church is so important...

A place to learn the Word of God. A place to Worship. A place where families can grow spiritually.


Every Family and every individual needs pastoral care...


   We believe Living Faith Family Worship Church is a church where Jesus is Lord and families can be cared for and trained. A church where personal ministry is provided A church where families and individuals can receive strength in time of need. A church where the Word, Worship, Witness and the World is our focus.


For those needing a local church, come join us...


    Our prayer is that you will join us to personally experience the true love of the father, Jesus Christ His son and the freedom of the Holy Spirit. Each service is alive and life-changing. We are confident you will be blessed and leave encouraged!

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