LFFWC Greeters and Ushers

Living Faith Family Worship Church is full of God's Servants who help out in all areas of ministry. Get to know a few of our Greeters and Ushers here!

Elia Rodriguez


Elia Rodriguez, a native of Cotulla, TX has been in ministry since 1980. She is known as one of our “Mothers of Faith” here at Living Faith Family Worship Church. She has been able to help out in various areas of ministry. Elia has had the privilege of serving as a teacher in the children’s ministry, youth ministry, and cleaning ministry. She also served as one of the very first Living Faith Family Worship Church Greeters. She was inspired to come to Living Faith Family Worship Church by the Linares Family. She specifically wanted everyone to know that “She follows the Linares Family, and that she will always follow them because they are true followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Oralia Figueroa


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! My name is Oralia Figueroa. Being raised in Cotulla, TX and having lived here all my life, I was drawn to Living Faith Family Worship Church by God’s Spirit where I serve the Lord. For the past two years I have been and continue to serve as a Greeter, a teacher in the children’s ministry, and helped in the cleaning ministry. Join us for service and be blessed as I have been!

Oralia De La Rosa


Hola! I’m Oralia De La Rosa! I’m a native of Cotulla, TX and have been serving the Lord for 46 years. Having been invited to Living Faith Family Worship Church by Sister Elida Linares, I came to visit this church only to find out that this is where God had called me to serve in the Spanish Service Praise and Worship Team! I am also a Greeter at Living Faith Family Worship Church. Bienvenidos todos!

Sisto and Maria Gonzalez


First and foremost, my husband and I have been and continue to be obedient to God’s word and serve Him whole heartedly. We are the man and woman that God has created us to be and we would not have been where we are today without His love and His grace. God knows our hearts! We have served the Lord for the past fifteen years and began our journey with Jesus at the Miracle Center. We transitioned to Living Faith Family Worship Church when God called us to this ministry. Since our transition to Living Faith Family Worship Church we have been privileged to serve as door greeters, in the cleaning ministry, and any other ongoing projects in which we may be of assistance. We support Living Faith Family Worship Church in every area of ministry and when we are unavailable to be with our church family due to family responsibilities, we stand with our church family in prayer. In our opinion, there is no other church like that of Living Faith Family Worship Church and there are no other pastors like Pastors Mark and Kim Linares. They are true worshipers of Christ and we support them 100%!

Jay Jay and Esther Gonzalez


Jay Jay and Esther Gonzalez, a couple from Cotulla, TX have been in ministry with Living Faith Family Worship Church for 2 years. Jay Jay serves in the Security, and Usher departments. Esther serves in the Nursery and in the LFFWC –Las Palmas Ministry Outreach.


Jay Jay and Esther stated that they were lost as a family and said that Esther decided for her family to start attending church services at LFFWC. She says that she had to drag them at first and that after they accepted Jesus into their lives they can’t wait to go to church. They are part of a big church family. Esther says that she and her family have learned so much about Jesus because every step they take is taken in faith and not by sight. They Love Jesus!

Where to Find Us:

Living Faith Family Worship Church

Mailing Address:

PO BOX 733

Cotulla, TX 78014


Physical Address: 

Grace Acres

651 Guadalupe St.

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Pastoral Contact: 


Pastor Mark Linares

1(830) 322-7277




Pastor Kim Linares

1(830) 322-7288 




 Website: www.lffwc.org

Personal Invitation...

Kim and I personally invite you to visit with us and our Church Family. As you arrive you will be greeted with love and appreciation because we believe in God's love for humanity.




  • Bible-base teaching
  • Anointed Praise & Worship
  • Youth Outreach
  • Powerful Women & Men Outreach
  • Ministries for all ages


A strong bible-base church is so important...

A place to learn the Word of God. A place to Worship. A place where families can grow spiritually.


Every Family and every individual needs pastoral care...


   We believe Living Faith Family Worship Church is a church where Jesus is Lord and families can be cared for and trained. A church where personal ministry is provided. A church where families and individuals can receive strength in time of need. A church where the Word, Worship, Witness and the World is our focus.


For those needing a local church, come join us...


    Our prayer is that you will join us to personally experience the true love of the Father, Jesus Christ His son, and the freedom of the Holy Spirit. Each service is alive and life-changing. We are confident you will be blessed and leave encouraged!

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